The Bank Rely Test

Punctuality. Attendance. Ethics. The Bank Rely Test determines all these factors in an individual. By purchasing a test for your applicant, you’ll find out the traits you need to see in a hard-working, dependable employee.

The Bank Rely Test

About the test

1. Get job-related info that helps you evaluate employee reliability, including specific questions to ask in an interview.

2. The Bank Rely Test also works for groups — in a booklet or web-administered form.

3. Cut down on interview time by gathering information about attitudes and behavior beforehand.

4. Did you know? It costs less to hire people who can do the job than to lose trained employees that are unreliable.

5. Get reports for each test that explain the score. The Interview Guide and Admissions Report also tell you how to use the results in an interview.

This Bank Reliability Training Program will make your team more profitable and enhance your company’s work ethics.