The Work Attitude Questionnaire

Severe problems in the workplace can happen due to attitudes and behaviors. By administering this test to particular candidates, you can be confident you made the right hiring decision.

The Work Attitude Questionnaire

About the test

The Work Attitude Questionnaire (WAQ) evaluates potential risk in four work-related areas:

  1. Theft
  2. Substance abuse
  3. Anger/Stress management
  4. Respect for other employees

The questionnaire will give you insight into past behavior and provide you with follow-up questions to use in the interview process.

 The Work Pledge for New Hires
The WAQ also includes The Work Pledge. This is an acknowledgement form signed by the new hire that states your “acceptable workplace behavior”. The Work Pledge instructs the new hire on appropriate behavior in each of the four risk areas and obtains a commitment.